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Shoreline at Lake of the Ozarks from the boat ride

The bridge from the river/lake

Captain Tom

The road to Lake of the Ozarks was another pretty drive as we avoided the toll roads and then headed through the Ozarks hills. Roads were narrow (not too) and kind of like a roller coaster – Rio the cat had an upset stomach.

Two of the great things about Tom’s military service and full retirement are our health insurance and the fact that we can use military RV spots. We are at the recreation area run by Fort Leonard Wood. It is a full service recreation area for military members/families that enjoy the water and woods. They have full and partial RV hook-up sites, tent camping right along the river and a large selection of cabins. We are actually about 50 miles from Fort Leonard Wood and we do not plan to see the post on this trip. As we were settling into our home space for the next few days a doe and 2 fawns made an appearance across the road. The next morning we saw three young bucks. Tom saw a green turtle close by. The local pigeon is some kind of vulture – it is very relaxing to watch them ride the air currents. For all this water, we have seen no seagulls.

Lake of the Ozarks has 1,150 miles of shoreline. You should look at it on a map just to see how big it is and how it twists and turns. Our location is about 7 miles by river from Osage Beach – the primary city on the lake. By road we are 21miles from the bridge that you see in the photos On Friday we drove to Osage Beach – had to go to Walmart – drove over the dam that creates this lovely place and then stopped at a small state park on the river in Osage Beach. We crossed the bridge in the photos in our driving around.

On Saturday we rented a boat and travelled from our location to the bridge – the 7 mile version. The river is not as wide as the Mississippi but it is a “little” wider than the Rio Grande. The lake is really more like a river that widens periodically. This area is a vacation destination. They have a lot of eateries, miniature golf, and boats - there are some really big boats that obviously have living space. We have not seen any houseboats. School has started in Missouri so it is not too crowded.

Sunday was more sightseeing – towns, villages, bridges and a couple more state parks.

It is green here and there seems to always be someone mowing – riding – a lawn ot along the road. I think it must be beautiful here in the fall. There are a lot of oak and hickory trees that stand on rolling hills. Evergreens are not as plentiful but there would still be green in the winter months. I did a little internet research and the price for property is not as high as I would have expected. Living here is living with humidity, which New Mexicans have a difficult time with.

Monday we are go to John Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY – right along the Ohio River. It will be eclipse day and we have planned a route that should let us see the totality on our way to our next stop.

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