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The Hong Kong skyline

View from the other side

Outside view of the escalators

Our beer :)

Today we visited the Victoria peak. It's perhaps Hong Kong's most famous site and given its a weekend it was very busy. So much so that we decided to take the bus up instead of taking the tram. The views from the top were stunning as the skies were pretty much clear. On the way back down we decided to take the bus again. Unfortunately we were not so lucky this time as the bus broke down half way down the mountain which meant it probably would have been quicker to queue for the tram!

After getting back to the centre of Hong Kong we then decided to take the world's longest continuous set of escalators up to the mid-levels. The escalators stretch for almost a kilometre and were built to ease the traffic in an attempt to get people to use them rather than drive their cars. It hasn't quite had the desired effect however as the traffic in Hong Kong is terrible although it does make for an interesting ride up to the top. The area surrounding the escalators is very atmospheric with little restaurants and pubs in many of the side streets. Given this, we decided to stop off for a beer before heading back to our flat for the night.

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