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The museum

First HSBC bank notes

The park

Turtles sunbathing

Green ice cream

Our yummy dinner

Temple Street market

The beautiful skyline

The tram!

Feeling a lot more positive today...we survived our flight with a company called Spring Airlines. Wasn't the most amazing flight we have ever had and we doubted their safety concerns when the pilot forgot to put the seatbelt sign on for landing!

We headed to the Hong Kong Museum of History, we are very picky when it comes to museums as we can get board very easily but I must say this one was very interesting. We learned that 400 million years ago Hong Kong was under shallow water, over time volcanos erupted leaving the area hilly, during the Jurassic period it became a desert then finally as the ice caps melted the sea rose forming 261 islands. We learned all about the original settlers who first lived in Hong Kong along with their traditions and finished of by watching a few videos about the wars on Hong Kong and Britain giving it back to the Chinese in 1997.

We then headed for some food which was beautiful, it wasn't until I passed the dead cockroach on the floor near the toilet I wondered if we may see that meal again soon.

As we had a few hours to kill we went for a walk in the local park and treated ourselves to a green tea sundae, not sure what we really thought of it.

We headed down Temple street which has a night market and purchased some chop sticks for when we make all these new dishes when we get home.

We finished off the day by getting some beautiful pictures of the sky line looking back at Hong Kong Island and was even lucky enough to ride the double decker tram home.

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