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Denali - The High One

Above the clouds

Sneaking out of the clouds

The very top of Denali

Rock and Ice - Lacuna Glacier


Glacier Landing

Kahiltna Mountains

The Rainbow


I left off with the 6 of us arriving back in Anchorage. We spent one night in Anchorage before starting the land portion of the cruise. The next morning we boarded a bus for a several hour drive with about 40 other people. We stopped in the small town of Talkeetna, where we caught the train that would take us to Denali National Park. We rode in the large domed cars which gave us great views of the Alaska and Talkeetna mountain ranges. It was a long day with far too many hours sitting on the bus and the train.

We soon found out it was well worth the long trek. Steve and I had booked a flight (6 passenger) to see Denali from the air, plus land on a glacier. We had very little time between the train and the plane. The weather cooperated and we had a fantastic flight. At times I felt like we were within 6 feet of the mountain top. We were rewarded with views of Denali's peak. Not many people get this opportunity. I can't describe the what I was feeling to be flying so close to this spectacular mountain. It was awesome and somewhat spiritual. I tried to capture the beauty of this experience with a camera but it doesn't compare to what we could see. The damn windows in the plane ruins the view.

After flying around Denali and some other large peaks, which of course I can't name anymore, we landed on a glacier. The landing in the snow was softer than the landing later on the tarmac. It was surprisingly warm on the glacier. I believe we landed on Mary's glacier. This was another very unique experience for us.

To top off the adventure we saw a vertical rainbow in the sky before we landed. It was a magical ending to a magical flight.

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