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We aren't so sure what we are getting into!

Mom & Dad got us each a DVD player for our road...

The movies put me to sleep!

Stretching our legs at Fuddruckers!

Cart ride!!

Dad snuggles

We love mom and dads bed!!!

Mom time without my sister :)

Snuggles with mom without Nora!

Whoa! Today was a long day! We left our house in New Richmond, WI at 926am right after we had our bottles! We slept a lot the first few hours, woke up some and watched movies on our new DVD players that mom & dad bought us! We loved them! We watched Pooh, Finding Nemo, and Moana twice! We love listening to the music on the Disney movies. We drove past Wisconsin dells and we can't wait until we are big enough to go back on all of the water slides. We drove to Madison, WI and tried to get a room but there is a Cross Fit in town and the 6 hotels mom & dad stopped at were sold out or over $300 for the night! We drove onto Janesville, WI and stopped at Fuddruckers for grilled Chicken sandwiches and tried s couple of hotels there too and no luck...

We were really tired and told mom and dad we had to stop soon, so they drove s little further to S.Beloit, IL where we are staying the night! We drove 288 miles today but it took us about 6 hours instead of the 4.5 it showed on moms GPS. We are staying at a really nice Best Western Plus with a pool! We hung out with mom & dad, watched some tv, sang songs, snuggled and went to bed. We are headed to Chicago tomorrow to see mom and dads friend Natalia. See you in the morning! Goodnight!


Nora & Aiden

Weather today was partly cloudy with sun, very windy and temps in the 70s

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