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Entrance to Farmers and Imagration Museum.

Inside the Farmers market.

Halifax from the other side of the bay.

Another across the bay.

Fun ride for the kids.

Walking the boardwalk.

We were acually trying to shoot the city across the bay, not...

The downtown area next to the waterfront.

One of the acts on ther boardwalk.

Just a few people in the middle of the week.

Neat old refurbished ship.

A couple more with large bounce rooms in between.

Kids riding the wave.

Restaurant on the water.

A couple of fishing boats came in while we were there.

Try to make sense of that rigging.

A daredevil.

A tribute to the immigrant

Model of thier Ellis Island.


Old picture of it when it was functioning.

Across from the museum.

Enjoying lunch.

We drove to back Halifax to check out the downtown and harbor. While we were in Sydney, they had a fleet of old ships from Europe here. They are called Tall Ships, with triple masts. One looked liked an old pirate ship. This was all over the TV news. Well they were gone to where else but Sydney when we got here.

We took the wrong exit on a round-about and ended up on another peninsula across from the waterfront, but awesome views of the city. We back tracked and found the Farmers Market at the waterfront, which is also the start of the Boardwalk. We have been on a few boardwalks in our travels, but nothing like this one. Middle of the week and it was packed with people. They had different acts going along the walk, a carnival, a lot of food wagons to compete with all the restaurants, different boat rides and a lot of musicians.

We of course had lunch at one of the restaurants and of course we had seafood. After lunch we went into the museum next to the market. It is the Canadian version of our Ellis Island and very similar to how are immigrants processed. Larry's ancestors came through Canada.

Tomorrow we start our trek home.

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