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Tuesday, August 1

Geithoorn to Zutphen

5 hrs 11 min

94.3 km

The sun did not bake me in the morning as it had done in the previous campground. It was not as cold as last night so no skin off my nose. There was no one stirring in my area so I snoozed for another twenty minutes. When I got out of my tent I was surprised by the number of tents that had popped up after I had gone to bed.

The campground mainly catered to tourists who wanted a solid structure to stay in. It did have a small grassy area for tenters. Walkers, canoe people as well as cyclists made use of the space. I cleared out before 9 in the morning.

On the way out of town I found a grocery store and bought some bananas, I should have bought much more because it wasn't until three hours of riding later that I found a cafe. It was eleven am. Cafes did not open until ten. I had a coffee and a Quiche Lorraine from their limited selection. A half hour later I stopped in Hetton for another coffee and sandwich.

I lost my route as I came into town but I did a circle sweep and found the route. I was on my way to Zutphen. This was not a great day of riding despite having a tail wind. I was not drinking enough fluids and I started to flag. And that is the problem with losing energy, you don't think straight and say ‘I need water’. I took my foot off the pedal and rode a more leisurely pace.

I stopped in Devender, on the west side of the river and had a rest. Then it was on to Zutphen. I got into town before four. I cycled into the downtown and found a pub. I ordered a sandwich and a large beer; finally some liquid. Then it was on to Cor’s to end my three day trip.

Next up is cycling The Rhine.

Happy trails

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