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Sunday, July 30

Zutphen to Omen

3 hrs 46 min

70.2 km

On the road again

My bags are packed

Happy trails to you

There are other songs that can go here. Today my bike is packed and I am back riding and looking for the perfect trail.

It is a good day for me to be heading northeast towards Ommen; there is a breeze from the south west. Cor and I leave just after nine in the morning. He cycles with me towards Dewinder where he turns back. I am cut loose to go on my own.

I make my first stop in a small town called Hamele. As I came through the town centre an outdoor cafe called to me. I stopped to have a coffee and pie in the sun. Life is good.

The trail leads me into a forest; there is uphill involved. It is a gentle uphill and even with the weight of my panniers I only have to shift down one gear. There is some good views then I am into the coverage of trees once again. I end up seeking more coverage when a rain storm moves through. I came across a small roof that was over top of a sign board. No sooner had I set up than more cyclists showed up. Two of the cyclists were out doing their weekend warrior routine but I had a good chat with them. Once the rain moved off we all went back to our routes and dreams.

I am staying the night at Camping de Roos which is east of Ommen about eight km. I ask a couple of cyclists where the campground is when I got close. I was 200 meters away. Didn't take long to get to it.

This campground is along a river and the tenting sites for cyclists is along the river. It is a picturesque setting. The campground is only for tenters or tent trailers. Vehicles have to be out of the campground. It was almost surreal. Whereas campgrounds in North America are given over to huge RVS, this campground was given over to tents. There was tents of all sizes. From the miniscule footprint of my tent to elaborate tent designs that featured rooms and grannie suites.

The washrooms blew me away. The shower stalls were individual doored rooms. There was room to undress and put your items out of the water spray. The drain was in the corner; what a novel idea. The room was entirely tiled. The faucet was one handle for on and the other was a dial control for heat which was instantaneously. I learned that one quickly. And the showers were free. Five minutes of water then they shut off for five minutes; if you can't do your cleaning in five minutes then stand dripping for another five. It was impressive.

There was a little store in the campground that provided pizza and a few other camping amenities like beer. So I had a beer and a bag of chips. Always good after completing a ride. I went back later for another beer and had a pizza with it. Life is good.

There were no bugs being a nuisance. I sat outside in my folding chair and wasted the daylight away. The night was so quiet. No RVs firing up air conditioners or generators. There were a few small quiet fires going. Sleep was restful.

Happy trails

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