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Friday, July 28

Today was to have been the start of Cor and I heading off for Budapest. We would cycle from Zutphen to the Rhine. Follow the river to Mainz, then follow the Main river east before going overland to Prague. South of Prague was Vienna and along the Danube we would end up in Budapest. A train ride would take us back home.

Wasn't going to happen.

A friend of Cor and his wife Marsha, showed up the previous evening. He too was a touring cyclist. While Cor was resting, Peter and I talked about cycling. We talked about whether Cor could do part of the trip even under reduced loads. Not only was there distance to worry about, but also load and the camping. We both agreed that I would probably be on my own.

The possibility of cycling on my own had surfaced back home before I took flight for Europe. If I had to ride on my own then I would, but my route would be simpler. I would cycle up and down the Rhine River. Budapest would be there next year. Peter agreed with my view. And that view was broached with Cor last night. It was not what he wanted to hear. He would go to his doctor the next day and with fingers crossed hope to get the thumbs up to go.

Meanwhile back in the real world I needed a ride for Friday. Since this was the day we were to have left, Marsha had booked this day off from work to bid us goodbye. All three of us headed out on a bike ride that would head south. At least the direction was right.

This ride was also more training for the Knooppunts. After Cor lead us out of the city, I took over and followed the route we had planned. I got a passing grade for adhering to the route but still would have been lost without Cor and Marsha along. After about an hour of cycling we came to a restaurant and had lunch. After this, Cor and Marsha turned back, I continued on South.

The route that I was on led to hills; more bump than hill but still welcome. I went through a national forest that had a wide concrete pathway to ride on. No way we're braided trails happening here. It was a wonderful ride with great views. I turned back and made my way back to Zutphen. I had put almost 220 meters of ascent in my ride. Almost unheard of in Holland.

Happy trails

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