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Thursday, July 27

Getting to Know the Knooppunt.

Thursday turns out to be a gray day. There are some moments of sun, a few drops of rain and the pain that Cor might not be riding along with me.

The ride from yesterday is biting big time on Cor. For much of the day he clung to the determination to go for another ride today. Reality won out. Late in the day Cor cut me loose and sent me to ride through the countryside on my own.

It is easy to ride in Holland. There are bike paths everywhere; trails come in a variety of styles. From hardback dedicated bike trails, marked lanes on highways, farm lanes shared with equipment under the doleful eye of cattle. And most of these trails are marked with a number, a Knoop, to get the cyclist from start to finish. It works; the trouble is to find the number posts.

There is a Knooppunt. At this point a number of numbers converge. A sign is posted showing how the numbers diverge from that Knooppunt to the next Knooppunt. By following the numbers to the Knooppunt, and knowing what your endpoint Knooppunt is, it is easy to get around.

The numbered trail, example 28, leads from the Knooppunt. At any change of direction there will be a posted 28 pointing the direction to take. Learning to look for these posts is the chore. They might be posted high, on the other side of the road, hidden by weeds. There are other considerations to take into account. Come and ride here, experience it. Needless to say I didn't do so well on my first solo ride. But it was fun.

Check out the relive of my ride and look at all the diviginations.


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