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Wednesday, July 26

A Moment of Truth

There is eight hours time difference between Zutphen and Calgary. It doesn’t take me long to settle into a new routine. I have slept through the night; morning breakfast is at midnight MDT.

Cor goes to his physio and hopes for good news on being able and ready to start our tour on Friday. There is no magic or laying on of the hands. We will go for a test ride in the afternoon and make some decisions from there.

Our decision turned out to be to delay leaving until Monday. We had gone out for our ride which under the doctor’s orders was to be for an hour. We took it easy for two and a half hours. Not good. Cor got through the ride but was hurtin from the bikin. Our tour to Budapest had us doing 110 km a day and packing gear. We had done about 40 km under easy conditions. Improvement would have to go stratospheric. There was always tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Happy trails

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