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Leaving Town

My flight to Amsterdam did not leave till 6:20 in the evening. What to do? Go for a bike ride. So I did a quick ride around the Glenmore Reservoir. It was a nice start to the day. It wouldn’t stay that way.

After lunch I decided to go Campers Village to get a “nice to have but really not necessary camping tool”. On the way back home a police vehicle, speeding in the centre lane on Macleod Trail, jammed on his brakes as he was about to pass me. He then followed me onto Heritage Drive and turned the siren on. He had spotted that my licence plate showed that my registration was expired. And to make sure that the streets were safer he issued a $310 fine.

I gave him the finger as I turned off Heritage and he continued east on Heritage to fight the good fight. He didn’t see that. I then drove to the registration office.

In the middle of the afternoon Marion drove me to the airport. We said our goodbyes and I was in the door looking for Air Transat. A security guard pointed out the location and then was tickled to talk to me about flying a bike to Amsterdam. I told him it required a large plastic bag.

The Air Transat attendants were quite helpful although one kept checking the billing costs for taking a bike on a plane. She couldn’t wrap her head around $30. I could. She finally put that number through, found me a plastic bag and then took me over to oversize baggage.

Air Transat could use longer large plastic bags. Oh, and have some packing tape handy. The bag barely extended past the wheel. The attendant tried tying the bag closed. She did a good job but it wasn’t going to last. She went back to the counter and got some straps used for marking bags. They worked. Then we got the bike onto the tray; a keypad was punched and away the bike went. Then we went our separate ways.

I cleared security. It was now 4 pm. A few hours to kill in the airport. It was a beautiful day outside. And the plane was late. It had flown from Toronto to Vancouver to Calgary. It was an hour late. We boarded at around 7pm. It was still a great day outside. I could feel it as I stepped from the esophagus from the airport onto the plane. It was brief.

And y’all been on planes so no need to bore you with cabin antics.

Happy trails

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