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I'm slowly improving, still get very breathless and start coughing when I move around. I spent yesterday lounging up in the wheel house in the fresh air and sunshine while Tony slaved away. Thank you to all of you that have sent get well wishes.

So this was our bathroom last week

And this is our bathroom this week

After a few showers we found the grout was lifting and it was getting squellshy underneath the tiles. Then Tony found one of the tiles was cracked. So up came the floor!!!! Tony wasn't expecting to be doing dunny work quite so soon! He found the tiles hadn't been glued down properly and had lifted from the flooring. So we got a man to come and give us a quote to lay some more flooring, this time a heavy duty vinyl. We feeel truly Aussie, at pressent, having a dunny sitting on the front deck of the boat (it's wrapped in a garbage bag, so you can't actually tell what it is)

There's never a dull moment.

Now this afternoon Tony has to take the hire car back to Lincoln and get back here without falling asleep on the train and going to goodness knows where.

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