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It is a little hilly and a lot of water in NE...

But, very pretty.

Even on a rainy day.

A couple of switch backs later.

We did not realize we were crossing this when we were above.

We found Sydney.

Across the bay.

Sydney Harbour.

Cruise ship dock.

Their boardwalk looks all brand new and very nice.

A memorial to the sailors.

Memorial story.


A downtown local pub where we had lunch.

The largest salt water lake in North America

More lakes and bays all the way back and sunshine.

Our plan was to drive into Sidney and check out the harbor. We woke up to rain. Forecast said it would clear up around noon. We decided to head into town. It was about 75 miles.

The road winds and climbs with lots of lake and views of the Bay. It was still raining and a cool 64 degrees. We got to the harbor and the rain had let up. We took a stroll down the boardwalk hoping the rain wouldn't return. The harbor is beautiful with homes lined along the shore. Looking north you see big freight liners and commercial ships. There were no cruise ships today. There are chowder buses, fish and chip shacks along the boardwalk. Business was slow today. Some weren't open. I'm guessing they operate on the cruise ships schedules.

We decided on an Irish Pub for lunch. It had a large outside patio which wasn't open because of the weather.

We drove the north side there, so decided on the southern route back. Halfway home the sun started coming out. It was a fun day trip. Wish the weather had cooperated more.

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