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Tram stop outside central station


Veuve Clicquot truck

Walkway through park

Steps to relax on. Fun music playing from bar in background

Haga area

Pathway through park up to zoo


Deer and peacock at zoo


Swans with an added critter. Do you see him?

Predominant car is a small station wagon

City street

Boat departing to island

Inside of the boat

Map of Gothenburg's outlying islands which are accessible by small ferry boats

Leaving Salthomen

Small port stop on the way to Styrso

Typical scenery from the boat

Boat viewed from Styrso port

Fork in the road during my walk on Styrso

View from seaside cafe in Styrso sandvik at harbor

Styrso Sandvik

Harbor at Styrso Sandvik

Grocery store on Styrso. No cars on island. Only golf carts and...

Cafe near port

View from cafe in Styrso at Tangen port

Port at Styrso Tangen

Typical view from boat - everyone has a flagpole flying the Swedish...

Me: "This must be the Kabel port." Lady: "No, it's a cable...

Dinner (partially eaten)



Turf roof - this one probably accidental but some are designed this...



Road to Oslo


View from bus on way to Oslo

Border crossing from Sweden to Norway

Bus approaching customs hanger

Inside the customs hanger

I started to Gothenburg from Copenhagen by Flixbus Saturday morning. The ride was beautiful. I'm so glad I took the bus instead of the train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg. It was the first time using Nettbuss which is a Swedish company. Very nice. The scenery was spectacular. Green and lush rolling hills of farmlands. I noticed that probably 80% of the cars are some sort of small station wagon like a Volvo, Peugeot, VW or Ford. This also turned out to be the car of choice in Norway as well. I started walking through the terminal and the smell of fried chicken was over powering. I spotted an NFC. That's right. NFC not to be confused with KFC. Anyways, the smell was luring me like Odysseus to the Sirens. I couldn't walk by. So I got in line. I ordered 3 wings, some fries and a Diet Coke. It was a meal deal. Best wings I've ever had. Omg. They tasted better than they smelled if that was possible.

Refreshed, and guilty, I did the SAT thing and stood in the middle of the terminal trying to figure out where the hell I should go. I had no Swedish Money so I stopped at an ATM, known as a minibank there. I saw some trams outside so I went out and found the one I was supposed to take. But I figured I should first do some reconnaissance since I was not in a hurry. There was a ticket office so I went in and asked about tickets for the trams and day passes. I got a 24 hour pass for 90knn which is about $10. Everything in Sweden is expensive as shit so I thought that was a great deal. I also discovered that the pass was good for the boats to all the little islands in the Gothenburg archipelagos. Such a deal!! I guess because the boats are like busses to the people who live on the islands.

My room was in an apartment building in a residential section. The tram stopped just outside. Surprisingly, the corner office under the building happens to be the Foodora office so there were often several young delivery persons lounging outside on pink blowups with their bike and Foodora box at their side ready to go.

Gothenburg is a beautiful city with lush trees parks and landscaping in general. A sunny Saturday afternoon brings out everyone to the parks and cafes to lounge in the sun. Food and drink are very expensive here compared to other European countries. Perhaps a bit more expensive than the states. I splurged on dinner on the outdoor patio of a nice restaurant. It was good people watching and I had a nice piece of salmon with a potato croquette and a garlic aioli all of which was excellent. Also a piece of corn. Sad face re the corn. Two glasses of vino and the total bill was $50. Probably would have been $45 stateside without as good a view. The next morning I took the tram to the park where the zoo is located. (I found out later when I really looked at the map that the entrance was about 1/4 mile from my apartment and I went the long way. I could have walked to the entrance in 5 minutes. SAT). Lots of walking around the park and the free zoo. Then I headed on the tram to Salthomen and boarded a small ship to Stryrso. I was expecting a touristy area at disembarkation but all there was was one café and some signs pointing to a seaside Café. So, not seeing anything of particular touristic interest, I decided to do like the locals do so I followed the locals. I ended up walking a really long way through a completely residential area. I passed one small grocery store. At first, I thought that this may be a summer residence island. But I do not think so. I think that most of the inhabitants live here year-round. The commute back-and-forth to the mainland by these little shuttle ferries. I walked to a small area and found the little "seaside café" which, I must say, has the best marketing scheme I've ever seen. I thought this café was going to be a short walk from where I disembarked from the boat but it was about 4 miles. The worst part was they had no beer or wine for me. So, I got a raspberry sorbet. I then determined that I could pick up a boat returning to Gothenburg from a nearby port so I walked there and found a small little outdoor restaurant and had a beer. It was a beautiful view and I had an Adirondack lounge chair with a foot rest to look out upon the sea. I could have stayed there all day. I took the boat back to the mainland and then the tram into town and decided it was time for dinner. So, I walked to the mall and found a Vietnamese store with a little café inside. I ordered some really good Thai chicken curry with rice. It was delicious even though it was thai not Vietnamese.

One of the great things about Gothenburg is that there is one main transportation terminal that houses the trams, trains and long-distance buses. I've found as a traveler that this is very convenient because often times you need to switch modes of transportation and it's very inconvenient to have to walk from one end of town to the other if they are not housed in the same area. I boarded the Flix bus to Oslo early in the morning and was scheduled to arrive in Oslo at about 1230. From there, I would have a three hour layover until my train to Bergen left. The train to Bergen is supposed to be one of the most scenic routes in all of Europe. We shall see.

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