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Entrance to Hopewell Rocks.

Flower Pot Rock.

Foot of the cliffs.

On the bottom of Fundy Bay. The ocean floor.

A tourist on the bottom.

Another tourist.

A tourist in the arch.

Deep eroded caves.

Look, a tourist coming out of one.

That other shore was where we were yesterday.

Along the cliffs.

Tide is still going out.

A long way out there.

Seaweed covers the large boulders.

Looking west toward Rock Island.

Erodes out with every tide so no seaweed.

Today we drove out to the New Brunswick side of Fundy Bay. The tide schedules change daily and can vary as much as an hour. Low tide prediction for today is 10:48. Driving along the river we can see the tide is going out. The river to the bay is called "The Chocolate River". The motion of 160 billion tones of water mixing with slit from the mud flats makes the water brown.

We arrived at the Discovery Center around 10:15. It was an $8.00 fee {senior}. It is about a 15 minute walk to the 101 stairs that takes you to the ocean floor. By the time we got to the bottom the tide was out. It was a cool morning about 60 degrees and damp. At the ocean floor the wind was blowing. We were bundled up. The floor was rocky, muddy and very rocky. It was crowded, as is all tourist attractions. We walked out as far as we felt safe in the slush. Larry explored the caves.

The tides can reach a height of 46 feet. That is as high as a 4 story building. I wouldn't want to get caught out there when the tide comes in.

We walked back up to the stairs, cheated and took the shuttle back. We were cold and just didn't want to hike up a hill. After all we are Senior Citizens. Our step tracker still said we walked close to 2 miles.

We stopped at a diner for lunch and headed back to camp. Leaving the diner we had warmer weather and hopes of the sun trying to come through the clouds.

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