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The price of gas, per litre.

The Bay of Fundy from the Nova Scotia side.

This is about half way out to sea.


The only other sight of the bay along the north side of...

This is at the Cape d'Or on the south side of the...

Another view.

Homes along the shore.

A boat dock.

Waiting for the Tide to come in.

Another view.

Private lighthouse.

This stop was a campground, restaurant and boat dock.

No vacancy's.

One boondocker. Way out there.

An island, it will not be there long.

Headig up the south shore,

More views.

Along Minas Bay.

We took a drive south from the campground to see the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy.

The Bay of Fundy is a bay on the Atlantic coast of North American, on the northeast end of the Gulf of Maine between the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It is considered one of the 7 wonders of North America. It has the world's highest tides.

We drove the road aptly named the 'Bay of Fundy Scenic Drive'. Well in 35 miles or so we saw the bay twice. It definitely is miles of untouched coastlines. After rounding the tip of the peninsula we came upon a sign for the next Burg. Tired of Looking at Trees? Stop at some shore.

The south shore was much more scenic, with small towns and harbors, including one with a RV park and restaurant. I would not want to drive our RV on those roads.

Found another out of the way restaurant similar to the one yesterday. They had mama's home made Seafood Chowder, which we shared. Also a fish sandwich with a piece of fish much larger than the bun. Also enough fries for 4 people. We ate enough for 1 person. Or maybe 1 1/2 people...they were fresh cut fries.

We needed milk and stopped at a store called The Giant Tiger on the way back to the RV. It was a lot like a Big Lots store.

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