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We made it.

Our campsite at Loch Lamond.


The campground.

The lake from the campground.

Well, we made it to Nova Scotia, after a few years talking about it. The day started out a little hectic. We got an e-mail saying there were more papers to sign on the house. We now have a 4 hour time difference. When we went into Canada we didn't think we would have cell service. Thank goodness, Verizon includes Canada in your Domestic plan.

So to sign and fax we had to find a Staples. If only the papers were sent so we could Esign them. We went driving through the town of Fredericton looking for a Staples in the Motorhome. Only took the wrong turn twice. With that done, we drove on. It was a little windy which we are told can happen here.

The campground is named Loch Lamond and is on a lake. We are waiting for the monster to come out of the lake.

Upon doing some research from the information centers, we have decided that you should get here the 1st of June and stay until now. Something close to what we did in Alaska. We are here late because of the house closing and are anxious to get back to it, so we will only be here less than 2 weeks. That and everybody is leaving. Suppose to get down in the 40's at night. We were told they shut down at the end of August. We will do our best with the time we have.

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