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The Trouble With Delaying Things Till Later

I got an email from Cor Provoost the other day. It was hilarious. All day I would reflect on this message and chuckle.

Cor, my guide to riding around Europe had developed back problems. His participation in Riding Around Europe was questionable. And I laughed at this?

At the start of this year I had considerable pain in my legs from spinal movement in the lumbar region. I wondered whether I would be able to ride the Europe trip that Cor and I had been planning. I held off letting him know what condition my condition was in.

The diagnosis from a sports medicine doctor led to my slow recovery. Taking diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory drug, and doing core exercises on a frequent basis, I slowly rid my legs of the pain that my distressed nerves were sending there. It will be an ongoing battle.

When Cor sent me the note that he was in distress and taking diclofenac for his back I had to laugh. Alternatives?

As I write this, Cor is optimistic that he will be able to ride with me around Europe. We may have to shorten the days, take more train rides, take more rest days, drink more Scotch, etc. I am open to that. I just turned 65. Cor will turn 65 during our trip. Thirty years ago I would be pissed that this is happening. Today I have to be happy that I can still ride a loaded bike.

Stick around for our tales of being frail and on the trail. Fingers crossed.

Happy Trails

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