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just outside the door of my rig

Their logo - should have been fairies!

This is why!

just beautiful - we should have gone in this canoe!

entrance to the Volunteer Walk of Honor! nice way to thank volunteers

We are waiting for the show to begin

along with the rest of the theater - it became a full...

This morning, I went to the health center to have lab work done as ordered by my doctor for every 6 months. I took Linda out for breakfast afterward because she drove me there and paid the $3 parking fee. We ate at a little local cafe and I had eggs benedict! The police chief had entered while we were there and on his way out, he exclaimed that he had only a couple of weeks left - he's retiring at the end of the month! With a note of congratulations, he chatted with us for a few minutes about his career - it was great!

Others in the group went to a fish processing plant to see how lobster is made ready for sale and to buy lobster or other fish for their main course of our potluck tonight. I don't regret missing that at all and loved my cheese-filled hot dogs at dinner!

Today's trip was only 80 miles but all of it was on 2 lane country roads that were narrow and some of them needed repair! Halfway through the trip, we went by the Kejimkujik (ketch-im-kootch-ick) National Park and National Historic Site so we stopped along the road at the entrance and went in using Flo & Dana's car - there was no parking for rigs over 22 feet.

While we only went to the visitor center, we could all see that it would be a great vacation spot to camp in to be able to hike and kayak the park. It is a beautiful place, as seen in the 12 minute video they show with lots of importance to the Mig-maw people. I am saying the name of the Algonquin tribe by pronunciation because the name is Mi'kmaq and I don't want to be amongst the white people who say Micmac instead of how they say it.

About half of us went in to Lunenburg to see a musical for a $10 donation. It depicted the history of the village in an entertaining way, from the days of the Migmaw, to the Acadians, to the French, English, German, and Scottish immigration. The racing schooner called the Blue Nose was built here and they are very proud of that and their fishing trade. They also had a song about the mysterious hole on Oak Island and I had just learned about that show that is on the History Channel - about 2 brothers trying to find out what is buried there, if anything. Quite interesting.

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