John and Janet 2017 Lake Michigan travel blog

We need to be at John’s Repair shop by 8:00. It is a half hour away. There is a lot of traffic and road construction but we have no problem finding the shop. The RV starts to heat up and then cools. Our diagnosis is that we need a new thermostat in addition to our new radiator cap.

We talk with our mechanic. He has to wait until the RV cools down to start work. He explains what he is going to do. We are in agreement.

Spending the day at an auto repair shop is never fun. On the plus side, the waiting room is very comfortable. John plays Solitaire. I read and nap.

Our mechanic gives us updates. The head gasket is not blown. The water pump is fine. We need a new thermostat.

From past experience, we know that working on our RV is not easy. As the hours tick by, John and I mentally compute what this is going to cost. This one is going to hurt.

The work is done around 3:00. I have already called our campground. We will be staying in De Pere another night.

I prepare myself for the bill. I am flabbergasted. In a good way! Our bill is MUCH less than either of us expect! Hurray!

We head to Walmart and then our campground. We get out the wine and order a pizza! Life is good again.

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