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Yates and the BP manager, John for an early airboat ride -...

Sunrise on the plains courtesy of Helen

A heated chess match between excursions


A few of our water buffalo friends

A view into Cullen Bay in Darwin

A view into Frances Bay in Darwin - flows out into the...

One of my favorites - Helen and the view from bed

If you are coming to the Top End, Bamurru is a wonderful place and I would highly recommend it. With that being said, it does possess a bit more of a rustic feel than one might expect so be prepared. Everything is very nice and well appointed, but as I've gathered from those who've been to Africa and done top end safaris, some of the sophistication is lacking - not sure I have any great examples for you other than the fact that you can just feel it. With that, I will share a few more observations/reflections on our stay:

Food - incredibly gourmet for being in the middle of nowhere. From poached eggs and smoked salmon quiche to roasted kangaroo and duck confit to grilled squid and lamb chops, the food was incredibly inventive and sophisticated. That being said, when you have a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds with you, it doesn't hurt to offer a grilled chicken option. Of course, that can be a bit more challenging than usual given that food is delivered 1x per week and running out for something else is likely a 3 hour drive

Connectivity - couple thoughts on being off the grid. 1) once you get used to it, it is incredibly nice and no longer feeling compelled to look at your phone every 3 minutes to see if a text or email has come in is liberating; 2) realized how disconnected we were when the only way we could find out who was playing in the finals of Wimbledon was to ask one of the recently arrived guests for an update; 3) not being able to watch TV or get online created a whole host of other "moments", my favorite of which was each night when Helen and I would go back to our tent and play the card game War before going to bed

Communal Dining - the dining table at the main lodge may have been the best part of the entire stay as it created an environment where people from so many different walks of life were able to come together over a common experience and get to know one another. While the statement itself may sound a bit contrived, both the kids as well as Shea and I met some truly wonderful people, many of whom I have complete confidence that we will see again.

Duration of Stay - Bamurru is a perfect place for 2-3 nights. Beyond that and I think you start to cycle through the same types of experiences. Not that that is a bad thing as all are enjoyable, but the novelty of the experience is gone. Interestingly enough, that flow appears fairly consistent with how the property is run as new families/couples tend to arrive and depart daily keeping conversation new and fresh.

We are off to Darwin now for the day and then fly out to Cairns tonight on our way to Lizard Island. Definitely the most travel intensive part of the trip, but trust that there is a special place on the other side.

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