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Coming out of the subway at the World Trade Center.

The main floor.

Looking out.

From the outside.

One World Trade Center building.

Tourist at the Refection Pool of the old South Tower.

Another view.

Yet another.

Reflecting pool with base of 1 WTC in the background.

The bottom.

A flower is place on each name on thier birth date.

Entrance to the Museum.

Slurry retaining wall keeping the Hudson River out.

The foundation of one of the towers witth the bottom of the...

Lots of heavy metal twisted like paper.

Remanents of the antenna from the top of a tower.

Remanents of a fire truck found in the wreckage.

Steel bent in a curve like nothing.

Up close bent steel.

Also the Fire battalions.

We have a framed puzzle of this picture from before 911.

The well known beam they salvage.

More bent beams.

You have to stand next to these to see how huge they...

The posters of the missing.

This was the last stairway that people escaped from.

Flag with pictures of the victims inserted.

More Fire truck wreckage.


The front burned out.

How far we walked.

We walked about 5 blocks up into Jersey City and caught the subway under the Hudson to the 911 Memorial. It is very impressive to walk out into that station.

The two reflecting pools are each almost an acre in size and are on the footprint of the towers. The waterfalls are considered the largest manmade falls in the US. The area is on 8 acres with 400 White Oak trees around. There were a lot of people, but did not seem crowded. The trees provided lots of shade.

We then visited the museum. It is build underground and is actually under the water falls.

It is very humbling to walk into exhibits. The museum explores the historic facts of the tragedy with many exhibits and monumental artifacts. It pays homage to the WTC victims, The Pentagon, and flight 93. It also recongnized the 1993 failed attempt of the bombing in the parking garage. The first responders and survivors were recongnized as well.

It was a very humbling and something we will never forget. It was a long day, we walked back to the train station and headed home.

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