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So before I share a bit about our first full day in Melbourne (which is great by the way), I thought I would rewind the clock a bit and cover the travel experience from Nadi to Melbourne.

While the prior post spoke of all the positives of the airport in Nadi, the flight to MEL on Air Fiji may have been one of the most painful I've EVER taken (as you know, I've had my fair share of travel experiences over the years) - think 5.5 hours, center seat, hot plane, no TVs in the seat backs, audio/video on the cabin TVs broken, no WIFI, kids' devices out of battery, some type of chicken stir fry as our meal, and the list goes on.

Granted, first world problems, but I truly thought we had our first negative experience of the trip.....but just when all hope was nearly lost, the Captain came on the loudspeaker and said we were starting our initial descent into MEL. From that point forward, everything came together.

The process to get through immigration literally took less than 5 minutes as we were ushered into a family line, we then went to baggage claim to get our bags and as we walked to the carousel, out came our four bags. We then went to customs where unlike other countries in which we had to put our bags through a scanner, a customs agent approached us, asked two questions and moved us along. All in, 15 minutes from touchdown to taxi. Oh yeah, and Yates found $5 AUD on the ground - definitely winning.

But it doesn't stop there - when we got to the Marriott, I finally felt like my years of loyalty actually paid off - girl at the front desk upgraded us into a suite, kids had their own real beds (not sofa beds) and everyone was happy.

Nonetheless, I went to bed pretty content with the outcome of the day.

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