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In the park opposite my hotel - good sporting facilities.

Sunday market - a real variety of stalls.

Tiny, tiny potatoes.

Then a stall selling the roasted potatoes with roasted meat.

Love those sun flowers.

This stall just sold different olives.

The tiniest of bananas - must be the type used as I...

Really lovely buildings seen from the bus.

Trompe-l'œil of famous people from Lyon.

Seen from the bus as we drove the river.

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière sits high on a hill overlooking the...

More riverside scenes.

Very modern buildings down the 'reclaimed' pointy end of city, Confluence, where...

Another ultra modern building.

Lots of modern buildings here.

Sign near a museum.

Arrive and aloghted at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière.

It is an AMAZING church with so many detailed mosaics.

The ceiling is all mosaic and beautiful.

One of the wall mosaics - the picture does not do it...

Detail of the ceiling.

And the stained-glass wondows are beautiful too!!!!

Under the Basillica is a cyypt/chapel dedicated to Notre-Dames from around the...

Another small chapel on the side.

The view over Lyon - spectacular.

The same view from my table at lunch, right next to the...

My delicious tomato and mozorella with basil dressing for entrée.

Lovely roasted chicken with some veg for main course.

Apricot clafoutis for dessert - all for €17.

Gallo-Roman ruins, theatre, being used for a series of night concerts in...

At the ruins.

Sign advertising the series of night concerts.

Lyon Opera House.

Hôtel de Ville de Lyon

Interior courtyard of Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon

An amazing room with many works from the wall and ceiling.

Many works of art displayed.

An interesting sculpture.

Egyptian times as well.

Beautiful art deco furniture on exhibition.

Tiny ivory carvings from the 1400's.

Fresco art work in the stair case.

Yes, a Monet as well.

The Place des Jacobins is a square which was created in 1556...

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Night shot in Lyon.

Day 15: In Lyon all day!

Weather: Pleasant in the morning with cloud and a lovely breeze but warmed up in the afternoon with the sun out – maximum reached was 30C.

Steps: 21 200 (12.2km) - that's a lot of steps!!!

It was a warm night so the a/c was working well, thankfully!! I ate my breakfast here, as it is convenient and the range was good and their ‘cold’ milk was ‘cold’ as it was kept in a refrigerated environment!!!!

After my daily chat with Jane (NO BABY NEWS!!) I walked across to the park, Place Carnot, opposite. There is a regular Sunday Market held here with a range of household items, clothing, fresh food and animals for sale. Of course, my interest was with the fresh food which looked most inviting – really feeling in need of a meal of roasted veggies!!!! I saw the tiniest, thumb length size, baby potatoes for sale which looked most attractive and then a little further along was a ‘roast meat’ stall selling freshly roasted meats and these tiny roasted potatoes – easy, ready-made meal!!

I had intended visiting the Tourism Office to gather information but I saw the Hop On, Hop Off Bus so thought that would be a good idea, and it was. I think using this gives a really good overview of a city. The commentary was interesting and helped in my understanding of the development of Lyon. I stayed on until I reached Notre-Dame, which is high on a hill on the other side of the river with a wonderful view back of Lyon.

The exterior of the church is attractive but once inside it is a truly beautiful building filled with mosaics from the floor to the walls and on the ceiling but not looking OTT!! It is a really wonderful work of art in a place of worship. I hope you can gather that from the images I chose – I must admit it was a photographer’s dream with so many ‘photo opportunities’!! I can highly recommend a visit here if in Lyon. A church has been on this site since 1192, but this one started building in 1872.

Walking to the back, outside the church, you have a spectacular view over Lyon as you are up very high. It gives a really good sense of what makes the city, the 3rd largest in France (or 2nd largest if you take in greater Lyon which makes the population 1.5M). Next door was a restaurant which seemed popular – I saw they had a €17, 3 course menu du jour, so went in. I was inside, where it was air conditioned but not right on a window, but I could still appreciate that amazing view. The meal was very nice and great value for the price. All washed down with a large bottle of sparkling mineral water, which made up for a terrible coffee!!!!

I walked down the hill a little to visit a Gallo-Roman Ruins site. Here were the ruins of two ‘theatres’ - The theatre was built in two steps: around 15 BC, a theatre with a 90m diameter was built next to the hill. At the beginning of the 2nd century, the final construction added a last place for the audience. The diameter is 108 m, and there were seats for 10,000 people. (Thank you Wikipedia) It is used today for concerts and over summer there is a series happening. It would have been amazing to see in its original style. This apparently was the centre of what was a Roman town.

I caught the bus and continued the trip alighting at the Opera House and Town Hall to look around. There was light drizzle at this time so I decided to head into the Musée des Beaux Arts (Museum of Fine Arts). It is a wonderful collection across the ages from Egyptian to modern art work of the 20th Century. I enjoyed wandering over the three levels seeing some beautiful works of art and artefacts from the past.

It was now after 6:00pm so I headed back to the hotel for a rest time and to update the Blog and recharge phone and camera battery!! I am returning to go on a night bus trip around Lyon commencing at 9:45pm so I need to allow 45 minutes to walk back to the collection point!! Hopefully it will be a great night for taking some images – time will tell!!! I must be a sucker for punishment or something, but I may never be back in Lyon.

It has been a busy day with lots of walking, looking and being ‘cultured’!!

*********11:40pm – Just back in from the night bus tour, which was great! Will try and finish Blog upload now and then head to bed. Will add the night pictures to tomorrow’s Blog. It lasted just over the hour and went to different places from the day tour, as well as a number of the same. It was lovely to see the city at night with some lovely lighting. It always looks great when reflected in water, and with the Saône and Rhône Rivers running through Lyon, so plenty of photo opportunities. I ended up using my phone to take the pictures as my camera wanted to take repeated shots and combine them – not really possible when you are on a moving bus!!

Have a great week – final week of holidays for those teaching!!!!

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