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Stunning chocolates in a shop window - very tempting but not at...

Very cute chocolate ducks.

Even thongs!

Plants out the front of a florist.

Lovely little posies for sale.

Crepe myrtle in full bloom.

Église Notre-Dame-de-Liesse d'Annecy

Statue atop the roof of Église Notre-Dame-de-Liesse d'Annecy

Part of a series of installations around the town for 14 July,...

Interior of the church, very non-elaborate.

Some lovely windows.

Another window.

A fresco on the wall near the altar.

Meat for anyone - looked good!

Or perhaps you prefer poulet?

I love their range of tomatoes.

Where I ate my lunch.

Mon croque monseiur - very nice too!

My beautiful raspberry dessert.

Even their coffee, cappuccino, was excellent!!!

Some of goodies on display - looked soooo good.

Some of goodies on display.

Some of goodies on display.

Their house made ice-creams - the display kept turning.

My drinks - mineral water and their house made citron drink.

At another shop - they love BIG meringues here.

Cute windoiw display.

On my cruise on the Lake Annecy.

Looking to the high mountains.

Castles as well.

Many lovely places surround the lake.

Many lovely places surround the lake.

On an island in the lake.

On deck - a few people with the dogs.

Many lovely places surround the lake.

Stunning scenery.

Heading back to Annecy.

The boat for the cruise.

Some night shots.

Some night shots.

Some night shots.

Some night shots.

Some night shots.

Interesting looking restaurant - rather like a ski chalet.

Day 13: In Annecy.

Weather: Very warm, to HOT – 33C. Blue skies and full sun all day. Yes the same as yesterday, and the day before!! Summer is here!

Steps: 14 250 (8.1km).

It was a warm night so the a/c was on and off at different times. I also left the window open for a while when the a/c was off as it was cooler outside. Sleep in morning until 8:30am then breakfast inhouse – good variety but when I felt the jug of lait froid [cold milk] (as one does), it was certainly not cold but room temperature – not too appealing! I asked the lady in the room and she said that was it and there was no cold milk – must be UHT again!!! So, as I had some cereal in a bowl, I added my COLD yoghurt which came from a cold cabinet from the buffet. Hence, no coffee but, and Jane would be pleased, a mint tea!!!

Luckily as it was a warm night, the washing I had done last night was certainly drying well – it will be dry for tomorrow morning. I had my usual chat with Jane after breakfast but still no baby news – poor Jessica is ready and sick of the waiting. Mums, you can appreciate this I’m sure!!!

I had not booked my car in to the hotel carpark on placing my room reservation, but I was able to have a park when I arrived yesterday but I was informed it would not be available for tonight. There is a paying underground carpark very close to I was able to negotiate my way there late this afternoon and the hotel has an arrangement for the cost.

Annecy is such a pretty town and well worth adding to your itinerary for a future visit. Its location on the lake, the canals, the historic buildings and the whole ambience of the town add to a wonderful experience. It is full of tourists for sure but not too ‘touristy’!! My wanderings this morning took me to new parts of the town, including L’Office de Tourisme du Lac d'Annecy, where I inquired about a lake cruise. Here I found out about the bird house and the other installation – they are part of a festival of art installations in the town for Bastille Day, 14 July. I can see lots of preparations for this day with stages being set up all around the town, with the largest in front of the town hall.

Looking for somewhere for a light lunch, I returned to a street where I had seen a Salon de Thé, where I thought I would go. Across the way was another Salon de Thé and Pâtisserie, which looked interesting. Their window display was amazing!!! It looked très chic so I chose to Rose des Neiges. It was lovely inside and very calm in shades of pink. Their cakes and chocolates are the highlight of their offerings but I had a croque monsieur, a baked or fried ham and cheese sandwich, with a small green salad – very nice. I also had a bottle of really cold mineral water and then saw their own drink, Citronnade, a mix of lime and lemon to make a ‘lemonade’ type drink. Both were very refreshing as I sat in the air-conditioned comfort of this month-old establishment. This was followed with a really good cappuccino and a gâteau ou pâtisserie de choix – yes, I chose the one with raspberries on it and it was delicious !! It was a lovely experience and interesting to know that they opened just one month ago – I wish them well for their buiness. Their visual merchandising and displays are excellent and most appealing.

I continued walking and returned to the hotel for 2 :00pm to check on my car. I was told that I could wait until 4:30pm to move it, so returned to the lake to take a 3:00pm lake cruise. The cruise was delightful and not too hot with a lovely breeze off the lake. I started off in what was described as an ‘air-conditioned’ area but it was not !! I moved to the sitting area in the bow then finally upstairs to an open deck with lovely views. The lake is large, 27km2, and is the third largest lake in France. It is known as being the cleanest lake in France because of restrictions put in place in the 1960’s. There are a number of villages and town around the lake, which look more Swiss – probably to cope with the snow in Winter. The cruise was lovely and took about one hour. I saw chateaux, manoirs et maisons de vacances (castles, mansions and holiday houses) as well as paragliders from off the very high mountains surrounding the lake. You could easily spend a week in this area having some ‘chill out’ time as well as being a tourist !!

Returning to the port, I walked back to move my car. Oh those spaces are tight, very tight, but luckily it was not full so I was able to reverse my way out – fun !!! I negotiated my way to the new carpark, all underground, and then returned to the hotel to have a complimentary cup of tea. They have a little self-service tea/coffee station on the balcony between the ground floor and first floor. I then worked on the Blog and photos before heading out for dinner.

I decided to eat at the restaurant next door to the hotel as it had good reviews on Trip Advisor. I went around 8 :00pm and left just after 9 :00pm and I was their only customer for the night !!! The meal was very plesant and well presented in a traditional French style. I did feel sorry for them but they are a bit isolated in a side street. I returned to my room to finish the Blog, and after 45 minutes nothing had uploaded, GGGGGRRRRRRR !!!!!! So, I decided to go for a walk to see the town at night – boy, there are still so many people out and about on a very mild night (28C at 10:00pm). Lots of people finishing dinner, having a drink and just enjoying the beautiful evening that it is. Some parts were beautifully lit and others reflected very well in the canals.

Tomorrow is a drive to Lyon, about 2+ hours (might be adventurous and try a tollway as it is faster !!) and then deposit the car. Have a great weekend. 𯘊 Just returned and still not having any success with uploading the Blog !!!

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