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Delightful Château de Pierre-de-Bresse which I passed today - looked good.

Gates to the château - didn't want unwelcome visitors obviously!!

A huge lake I saw today - Lac du Vouglans. Amazing colour.

Obviously popular for holidays.

Hilltops beside the road today.

Scenery in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes which borders Switzerland.

Oh yes, a stand alone shower and not over a bath!!!!

Beautiful Annecy.

Interesting Annecy.

Lovely gardens in Annecy.

In Annecy.

Many canals in Annecy.

A number of swans on the canal.

Cute flower shop.

Many, many areas for eating.

View up a canal.

Famous shot BUT building works happening currently!!!

Sculpture in Les Jardins de L'Europe right beside the lake.

Looking towards The Château d'Annecy.

View across Lake Annecy - gorgeous with villages all around it.

Lovely flowers in these gardens.

Intersting new sculpture or bird house.

Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), Annecy

Proof I am in Annecy!!

Many restaurants use plants well.

New shoes ???? NO!!!

Huge meringues!

Seen in a Charcuterie

Seen in a Charcuterie

Seen in a Charcuterie

Day 12: From Beaune to Annecy.

Weather: Very warm, to HOT – 33C. Blue skies and full sun all day. Yes the same as yesterday!!

Steps: 11 200 (6.2km). Plus 225km of driving!

I decided to breakfast at the hotel as it was going to be a BIG driving day. They had a good variety and I was well fed and watered by the time I departed from Beaune. I thought I would fill up my car, I saw a Total garage and went there but the machines at the pumps would not accept by Australian Credit Card, the only way to pay here. I went in to check and was told I would need to go 1km up the road and there was another Total where it would work. Interesting that in the building there was a Bar and seats to sit and relax after buying your petrol!!! So I drove on and was able to pay for my petrol – diesel at €1.29 per L.

It was going to be a warm to hot day so I was most appreciative of the air conditioning in the car. I did have a few little stops along the way but would have loved to have made more but finding somewhere to stop was not possible and when you are driving you have no one else to take a photo etc. I passed a number of beautiful châteaux but was only able to stop and photograph one - Le Château de Pierre-de-Bresse , in the commune of Pierre-de-Bresse in Saône-et-Loire. It looked lovely but the gates at one entrance certainly made it clear that uninvited visitors were not welcome and don’t try and climb the fence!

The route the GPS took me was interesting and I saw a range of wonderful and beautiful countryside – so lovely to see. Some parts were like diving through the range to Marysville or up in the Dandenongs and others were ‘tight’ with a wall to stop me from going too close and going down the sheer side of the mountain – it was challenging and demanding by oneself BUT I survived. So often I would have loved to have been able to pull over and appreciate the beauty surrounding me. Being such a bright and warm day, it all looked great. This region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, borders Switzerland and Italy and reminded me so much of our visit to Switzerland 7 years ago. The villages and houses were much more Swiss looking and designed to cope with the snow. Of course seeing those high mountains in the background, I could well-imagine them covered in snow during the winter.

At one point, I really needed a loo stop but luckily I came to a large town with the “golden arches”, so I used their facilities and also had a very late lunch!! What, at McDonalds?? Well from Michelin starred restaurants to McDonalds!! It was convenient and was ok!!!

My Apple Maps successfully lead me to my hotel in Annecy, arriving around 4:00pm. The room is very pleasant but the best part is having a stand-alone shower and not over a bath – YAY!!! I have a concern that being alone and climbing over the high sides of some baths may possibly be a problem. Note for the future: always request a room with a shower only!!! The hotel is well located and close to many areas.

With map in hand, I headed out and about. It is a very beautiful town which has preserved its ‘old’ part so well. It is a town built on a lake, Lake Annecy, which developed a canal system many years ago. It is sometimes called the “Venice of the Alps”. It has a population of over 50 000 people, in greater Annecy. It is a popular holiday spot because of its location on the lake, which is just beautiful. Perhaps, a lake cruise tomorrow. I have thought about going to Geneva but a quieter day tomorrow will be good – I will see how the day develops..

It was lovely just wandering the streets and parks of what I saw in Annecy. It was hot so I did appreciate the shade. Returning to the hotel after 6:30pm I decide to buy some cheese, tomato and bread and have a ‘meal’ in my room. It was fine and I was able to use a small plate and knife I had brought with me. It made for an easy meal. 𯘊

After completing my Blog, I will need to do some washing as I am here for 2 nights, and then bed!!

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