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Angel climbing to heaven across from the baths

Modern ancient statues - recent additions to make the place look more...

The Baths

The drain of the baths

Goldman the statue

Alice and Excellent ice cream

Alice and Beer

The countryside on the way to the Severn and Wales

We drove through the English countryside with many fields and cottages and eventually got to Bath. The town is a world heritage site and it’s interesting for a number of reasons, and remarkably all the buildings are of the same stone. Very nice.

We trooped off to the baths and got our tickets, then joined the throngs who were on the same tour we were on, but in different busses. Crowds were very heavy so it was hard to really get a feel for things. Much of the underneath part of the baths were still there, plus some very nice sculptures and things, but as a whole unremarkable.

After the tour we wandered around the town for a while – got some ice cream and took a lot of pictures, Some nice sculptures but a very touristy place.

We ended up having a beer at a pub near where we were to meet the bus. Alice did not like it very much but it was cool and wet. We were the first ones on the bus having been late the last time.

Then we headed off to Wales and our hotel – the Celtic Manor. After a very brief rest we met folks for drinks (Loretta and Ray, retired from Florida), then off to a dinner that seemed to last forever – 7:00 to 9:30. The food was OK but we were both exhausted.

Now off to bed and a 6:00 wake up tomorrow. Then to Ireland1

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