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Double decker bus


Washing day

Hole in the middle


We took our lives in our hands and boarded a double decker bus to Stanley market. Sitting upstairs at the front is very scary when you have a lunatic driver. The road is very narrow in places and when you meet another big bus you hold your breath.

We half expected to end up in this cemetery on the side of the hill!

It's very humid and 34deg so we walked slowly around the market and bought some gifts, then made our way back - being gluttons for punishment we again sat up at the front on the bus.

It was obviously washing day as most people had their clothes hanging outside their flats drying.

This building has a hole in it, if you're superstitious it's so the dragons can fly through but it's really a typhoon stopper.

So the winds blow through and don't blow the building over, there are more and more of them appearing around the island.

I was taking random pics as we went along, this is one of many, many signs.

Back to the hotel to off load our purchases then had a rest before venturing to the Ladies market. Then we decided to try to find a restaurant that we'd been to 10 years ago when we came with Heather, Mike and Margaret! And we found it! An American burger bar where we had a great steak. And when we were talking to the new owner and he asked if we had been before, he was flabbergasted (a reasonably young fellow who would have been very young at that time!) He gave us our first drinks on the house.

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