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On the streets of Nashville.

Had to do it.

Found Broadway.

Of course.

Lot of stores.

Now thats a way to see over the crowd.

Did we mention large Icee's?

The old record shop still going,

And of course there will always be Tootsies.

Introduction to White Castle's.

We decided to drive downtown Nashville and see some of the craziness going on. We found a parking lot with an empty space, [$30.00 for 2 hours] so we parked and walked around for a couple of hours.

Yes, it was crazy, but fun. There were people playing guitars and singing in every bar and on most street corners. They had booths giving away huge Icee's/snow cones,popcorn, hot dogs to order and Cotton candy. Just people watching was worth the trip!

Also the Nashville Predators hockey team is in the playoffs, so that was adding to all the celebrations.

We stopped for gas on the way back and there happened to be a White Castle next door. Ava's first stop at a White Castle. She liked them except for too many onions.

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