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Well, our hope of the rain stopping was false. No sun to greet us today! The rain increased during the evening as we drank delicious Guarno Sours with two ladies from our original party. Supper in the bar seemed the way to go too so we spent the evening reminiscing about our trip.

It was a lovely and interesting group to have shared such incredible experiences with. Costa Rica is a unique country having the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, the varied topography and thus many micro-climates, and the indigenous variety of the peoples. Consequently the flora and fauna diversity is amazing and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg!

We tried to pick a favourite spot which was almost impossible. Everywhere we have been has been fascinating but Tortuguero was idyllic for so many reasons. Tucked away and only accessible by boat lessens the impact of modern day life on the area. No cars! And the Caribbean feel to the area was lovely.

Overnight, unbelievably, the rain gets even heavier, there was dramatic sheet lightning and a massive thunderstorm directly overhead. Remembering the sound of rain on a caravan as a child I cannot imagine how that rain must sound to those in the small houses with corrugated iron roofs!!!! We had seen such a storm across the Pacific from the safety of our hotel in Monteverde. That was pretty spectacular too!

Fortunately it begins to clear over breakfast and the humming birds are buzzing around the Strelitzias. Capuchin monkeys have ventured further into the complex causing hilarity. Need to watch out for your phones though! And then a troop of Squirrel Monkeys jump through the trees behind our room. So athletic and attractive. These are an endangered species as they only exist in this area.

Then we hear there were two earthquakes locally at 8.30 a.m. and 10 a.m. both 3.1 on Richter Scale! We did not feel a thing either time! Perhaps last nights Margarita’s and Guarno Sours helped! Light lunch and a glass of wine with a perfect view over the ocean before we leave. Then a stunning pair of Scarlet Macaws fly in as a farewell to us. No, turns out they obviously had other things on their minds!!!

Fingers crossed for safe roads on the way back to San Jose as the drizzle returns at 2 p.m. on the dot! Fortunately we are soon in bright sunshine as we head down the coastal road. However, we only get about 70 km when we come to a complete standstill. There has been a landslip after the heavy rain and the road is closed. There is no other route to bypass It due to the CR’s geography so we have to wait ..... for 3 hours! We do edge forward as people who can leave the queue do so but it is painfully slow. The landslip was quite a big one when we see it so it had taken all day to clear it!

Then of course we hit the mad San Jose traffic. Our 3 hr journey as taken well over 6 hrs! Early to bed tonight as shattered. So glad such an event is a rarity in the UK.

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