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What a beautiful start to the day! Blue skies and 30 deg forecast! At 6.30 a.m. we walk through the hotel’s trail in time to see a troop of White-faced Capuchin monkeys breakfasting on the buds and flowers of the Morning Glory that is creeping everywhere.

Seems like a good day to go to the National Park. Interesting that the locals, quite rightly, are charged less ... but more than 5 times the cost for Etrangeros seems a bit greedy. We are incredibly lucky to see so much wildlife but it is hard work walking up and down the trails in 95% humidity and it is not long before we are soaked through!

Still, we see more Capuchin monkeys, Agoutis (large hamster-like rodents), Common Racoons, sleeping Tent-making Bats, a Red Land Crab, tiny hermit crabs on the beach and a Sloth coming down from a tree. They only do this once a week for a poo pit stop!!!

Eventful happenings during the walk: a Racoon on the beach attempting to eat a tourist’s socks & trainers, not on him at the time! And a scarey, male White-faced Capuchin who was very aggressive towards us. A real bully-boy who looked as though he had been in a recent scrap.

The National Park here, which includes 3 beaches, is frequented more by the locals than other Parks so is pretty busy, especially as it is Sunday. Whole families are going through the park to spend a day on the beach. Despite the signs some of them do feed the animals which would proabably explain the attitude of the monkey towards us! They have learnt that people may mean food!

By the beach outside the Park ice cold drinks partly revive us before the rain begins, In Monteverde it rained overnight & into the morning followed by lovely afternoons. It is the reverse here with good mornings then rain more likely at 2-3 o’clock onwards! We had hoped to have a swim but the rain is even too heavy for that today. Just have to relax until Happy Hour then!

Truly, torrential, tropical rain! The wettest it has been during the whole trip. Rainwater gushing from overflows like waterfalls and everyone heading for the bar! Hope it has stopped in the morning for our return journey to San Jose. We shall be sorry to leave as it is the beginning of the end of an unforgettable trip.

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