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Beautiful streets


Glow in the dark museum

The jetty

Pinang hill


Step ride up the hill

We had heard a lot of good things about George Town so was very intrigued to arrive and have a look round.

The streets were colonial but very rustic, different to anywhere we have visited so far. On almost every street there was street art which were very creative and some very funny cartoon like art made of iron.

This is a place you can just wonder about and enjoy the ambiance. We did decide to visit one last temple which was beautiful and colourful. We then headed to the glow in the dark museum, this was so much fun with some funny pictures to take.

We visited a mansion were a rich family used to live. It was similar to the one in Malaka but on a much bigger scale. We even met a real life nanya (the daughter of a Chinese man and a Malay lady) who was 91 years old.

The top rated restaurant on Trip Advisor was a desert shop so we figured it would be rude not to drop in. The desert here was the best I have had in the last few months. We had Gula Malaka, this is ice cream with a very tasty waffle, tapioca balls covered in suger syrup and rice crispies.

We dropped by the jetty which was the first area that immigrants inhabited. This was a smelly area with some very cute houses with people still living there.

Finally we decided to get a local bus to Pinang hill which is 712 metres high and gives a beautiful view of George Town.

The food here has been beautiful and the whole place has been such a lovely experience.

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