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Well its 4:30am here in Orlando and of course I'm wide awake and feeling the jet lag. However, I wouldn't pass this feeling up for anything in the world. My trip to England was everything and more I could ever hope it would be. Looking back I'm just overwhelmed at what I experienced and all the things that I saw and did. I definitely learned a lot from this adventure!

Driving: Definitely try driving on the other side of the road! It was scary, fun, and something I can say I achieved. However, don't do it in major cities like London. Also, remember to drive in the far left lane as the middle and far right lane are only used for passing. People will honk at you and yell even if you're going above the speed limit but driving in a passing lane! :-)

Weather: Don't listen to the weather forecasters when going on a major trip. It can change in an instant, which I learned the hard way. Instead pack with layers and short sleeves, bring one good coat, and definitely a pair of shorts just in case! It was so hot in Bath, York, and Cambridge and only having one pair of capri pants was not enough. Unfortunately trying to buy clothes in Europe can be difficult as all the sizes are different and normally the stores in the cities are exclusive high end brands. So better to pack correctly than be sweaty all the time.

Accommodations: Make sure you bring EXTRA electric socket converters. I had only one and it was not fun having to rotate charging all my items. Some of the TVs have USB ports on them but, most do not. When getting a hotel room make sure it has AC - My room in York only had a window and with the heat it was no fun! Luckily the hotel provided a small fan to help at least.

Sightseeing: Package deals are the best and really do save you a ton of money to get in to many attractions at once. Definitely always do the hop on hop off buses in whatever city you go to. I've done these before in Chicago and Barcelona and so worth the money. You get to see the whole city, hear fun facts and history, and find out which attractions you really want to see. Plus in big cities like London its free transportation from spot to spot and normally they drop you right by the attraction.

Traveling Alone: So here's the biggest lesson I learned regarding traveling's the best! You go and see what you want, when you want, and at your own pace. Being alone allowed me to get in quicker to attractions, maneuver through large crowds, and truly see what I wanted to see. Yes, it may be lonely at times to not discuss or share what you are seeing with others. But, I found I could pick up a phone and chat with my Mom about what I saw at the moment that grabbed me by surprise and of course doing this travel blog helped me feel like I sharing it with all my friends and family. It was great being this anonymous person that no one knew in the cities. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone and reveals the adventure seeker within. I was able to do things that I wanted to do without restriction - like go horseback riding through Hyde Park, climb 375 steps to the top of tower, put my feet in the English Channel, punt down the River Cams.

In the end traveling is a must! Not only do you get away from your every day life but, you truly see how big the world truly is. You are able to connect back with nature, meet new people, and share experiences that will last a lifetime. Looking back I did not expect to be where I am today and it's hard to imagine what tomorrow will bring. One thing I do know is that my life is richer from traveling and from all the experiences I've had. I would rather have a passport full of stamps, adventures and memories I can always return to in my head, and pictures to view of these amazing places than a house filled with stuff.

Thank you to those that took the time to read my travel blog. I hope I entertained you a bit and wasn't too boring. I can't wait for the next adventure! Love and well wishes to each and everyone of you!

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