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29/5/2017. Adelaide

It rained during the night, and it rained during the day. When we went out about midday, we could only see 200-300 metres ahead, and weren't sure if it was fog or mist.

What did we do on a wet, cold, miserable day? We went to the movies, and Ian saw Gardians of the Galaxy 2, and I saw The Shack. I was warned that The Shack was a 2 boxes of tissues film for me, as I'm known to cry just a bit in the movies, but surprisingly, I only used 1 tissue - not 2 boxes. I think I was so psyched for tears, that they didn't come. It was a great movies, and I did shut my eyes and utter a few 'aah's' in scary parts. Go and see it - well worth while. Ian enjoyed his movie.

When we came out from the movies, the sun was trying to peek out, and we're hopeful that the weather will start to clear tomorrow ready for the 4 days of sunshine that's predicted.

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