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The church overlooking Malaka

The old Dutch square and church

Baba and Nyonya heritage museum

Nyonya food

Beautiful Riverside in Malaka

The Malay Village


The crazy trishaws

Our first destination in Malaysia took us to Malaka which to be honest we didn't know a great deal about prior to our arrival. It's a small city by the sea which has rich maritime and colonial heritage. The city itself had influence from the British, Dutch as well as the Portuguese as they all held influence here over the last 500 years. Rather bizarrely the city now has a new breed of influence, namely that of the crazy trishaws which are kitted out with everything from Pokémon to Spiderman. They tour the city with slightly embarrassed tourists whilst blasting out heavy metal!

Malaka is one of those places where you just want to walk around the small streets and take in the gorgeous architecture.

We visited a former church overlooking the city itself as well as the old Dutch town hall and church. We also visited the Baba and Nyonya heritage museum which gave us an insightful introduction into the people who used to (and sometimes still do) live here. We also visited a small area of the city which has been designated for Malay families only and it was interesting to see the remainder of the city being built up around it.

We tasted some local Nyonya cuisine which was very different to anything we have had before but it was gorgeous.

In typical travellers style we finished our trip to Malaka with a trip to... Tesco of course before departing to the capital Kuala Lumpur

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