Run for the Wall 2017 travel blog

Larry giving an autograph to students in Rainelle, WV

Kids lining the streets in Rainelle,WV

People greeting us in Rainelle, WV

Capital building in Charleston, WV

Vietnam monument in Charlestown,WV

Day 9

Today was a great day. There was 100% chance of rain but it didn't rain at all!! We began the day by winning 3 pairs of leather gloves and a book about the Vietnam wall. There is a raffle drawing every morning. After another delicious breakfast and the usual meeting, we headed for the capital city of Charleston, WV. This was only an 18 mile ride. We parked in the circular drive in front of the capital building. The capital building and ground are beautiful. We walked around and looked at the war memorials and took a group picture on the steps of the capital building. Have you ever took a picture of 500+ people. Larry and I missed the speeches this time because we were looking for the man who had lost his wallet in the gas station parrking lot. Larry had noticed it the night before. His license and 4 credit cards were in it, but no phone number to let him know we had found it. We tried to Google his name, but no one with his address came up. He was from Temecula, CA. When we had breakfast, Larry told the head guy to announce it, but he know the guy because he was one of the staging guys (They show us where to park at each stop). We ask everyone wearing a blue hat until we found the right man. He was thrilled needless to say. He gave both of us a hug. Their moral of the story is to put your phone number in your wallet so if an honest person finds your wallet, he can contact you

From Charleston,we rode up the mountain to a small town called Rainelle, WV. Run for the wall group adopted the school there and donates money each year. The money from the raffles and personal donations added up to $22,000 this year!!! The principal cried when she saw the check. When we rode through town, the whole town was lining the streets and alll the grade school kids were lined up chatting "USA, USA, USA". When we got off of the bikes, the kids politely asked us for our autographs and passed out pained rocks. We are to drop them off somewhere on our journey. They even told the vets "Thank you for your service." Some adults said that the kids look forward to the group coming every year. One kid said that this was the best day of his life! We went inside for a huge lunch.

We stopped for gas and was in the hotel room by 4:00. This was our shortest day ever. We arrive in Washington, D.C.. tomorrow.

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