Run for the Wall 2017 travel blog

Vietnam memorial wall with names of vets from WV.

Vietnam memorial in. Nitro, WV

Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Names on the Memorial in KY.

Bikes parked at the memorial.

Day 8

Our morning schedule was the same today, but a little shorter today. Yesterday we rode 292 miles, but today we rode 260 miles. The morning was very cloudy and called for rain, so we got the rain suits out again! We rode to Robles Rex VA center and visited with some residents and got more snacks. It sprinkled a little as we left. We got fuel which was donated. Our next stop was the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This is a fantastic work of art, but unfortunately it just pored down rain as soon as the celebration began. We all got soaked! The sad thing about the rain was that we could not see how the art form worked. When the sun is out, it casts a shodow on the vets name who was killed in Vietnam on that day. If the person is still listed as MIA, the name is always is a shadow. I will load up pictures later. I don't know how it works, but I found it fascinating. When we left, the sun came out and was nice the rest of the day.

Our next stop was a reception in Mt. Sterling and lunch. That was another big reception. Our last stop was in Nitro, WV. It is a small town of 7,000 people and I think they were all there to greet us and kept thinking everyone for visiting and for their service. Our dinner had ice cream for dessert .That was a treat!

All fuel was donated.

Tomorrow we visit a poor school whih RFTW helps sponsor and will eat lunch with the kids. . I know i will enjoy that stop!m

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