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Luebeck main square

In good company

When we left Copenhagen, we were certain that we would make Luebeck our overnight stay. Not only is Luebeck a pretty medieval city, but it used to be the "Queen of the Hanseatic League", the headquarters of the trading league linking cities that included Gdansk, Tallinn, Riga, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

We didn't expect though that Luebeck would be such a popular destination that we won't find any accommodation. After 1 hour of unsuccessful searches, we decided to put our backpacks in a locker and explore the city, hoping that in one way or another we'll find a place to lay our head for the night. There are days like these that confirm the saying "travel is glamorous only in retrospect".

The story has a happy end, since a famous hostel in Berlin still had availability for the night, so we continued our journey to the German capital. As for Luebeck, we planted the imaginary J&M flag in the central square, and checked off the Queen of Hansa in our list.

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