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London buses

Lorries on the M1 heading south

View from our room

A big drive today, after going around the monopoly board again to get to Brentford to look at another barge.

We had the GPS calling out "speed camera ahead" every few seconds - there is no conceivable way anyone could get a speeding ticket around the streets of London during the day time as it's clogged with traffic. It took almost 2 hours to travel 14 miles.

The traffic on the M1 was horrendous!

Thankfully we were going north as the traffic heading south was backed up for miles. Wherever there were roadworks it was banked up (and there are miles of it going on).

So we arrived at our hotel in Shipley at almost 7pm. The view from our room is lovely.

We went and had dinner and then walked along the canal path to stretch our legs.

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