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Inside the "eclectic" House on the Rock

The Infinity Room. A long room that sticks out from the House...

Such stunning decor

And collections of...stuff

And a carriage

And more stuff

And cash registers

And mutant musical instruments

Monday started slow. Well, at least the more interesting part of the day did.

I spent the majority of the morning ordering toilet parts and making about 97 phone calls to find an AC repair place. The closest place I found that could replace both AC units before the middle of June is about 2 hours from here...back north...again. So, being dreadfully afraid of being caught with insufficient cool air flowing from our ceiling, I made an appointment to have them done in beautiful Neenah, Wisconsin on Wednesday the 17th. So, we have added a few more days here near Madison, then on Tuesday we will trek to Neenah for the work...hopefully it will be painless, except for the bleeding from my wallet, and we will remember this as just one more hiccup on our journey. After we pay the Visa bill.

Once that all got straightened out, we headed back about an hour west of Madison again, past the Taliesin complex, to tour the House on the Rock. Michele’s parent’s had been there years ago so we figured we would check it out. It started as a house built by an eccentric – OK, I’m going with weird – guy named Alex Jordan starting back in the 1940’s to be his personal retreat. Over the years, and probably because of his eccentricities, it morphed into a bizarre, somewhat scary, mish-mashy collection of stuff. That’s the best way to describe it. While our pictures probably won’t do it justice, here are some links that describe the place and more and better quality pictures that may get the point across...because I’m kind of at a loss for words. And a little bit afraid to relive it.



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