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View from our room (Shenzhen)

Same view this morning

The border fence!!!


Our suite in Hong Kong

Macau Hydrofoil



A 4.30am start to the day yesterday, saw us fall into bed and sleep like the dead last night!!

Despite our plane taking off 1/2 late we arrived in Hong Kong on time! Then we proceeded to catch a number of trains (maybe 4 or 5) which took about 90 minutes, to take us to Shenzhen, whereupon it isn't that easy to work out what to do - however, we finally managed to sort out the visas (Aus. 168 Ch Yuen (Tony $33,) UK 304 Yuen (Me $59) - USA 956 Yuen - (who'd be a yank???? $187). On to the hotel and put our gear into our room, took a pic or 2 out of the window (22nd floor) and walked across to the commercial centre at Lo Wu to buy a new bag for me as the handle snapped as I was boarding a train (minding the gap!!!). Bartered with a few stall holders and finally got a good buy and strolled back to the hotel and dinner.

Dinner was another experience - we ordered a bottle of chardonnay which took about 15 minutes to arrive (not sure how far they had to go for it) - it wasn't cold and they had trouble finding an ice bucket - we were saved by a couple of French blokes at the next table who gave us their bucket - and we all had a good laugh. The staff were not very conversant in English so it was a challenge. We ordered 3 dishes and they all came out at about 5 - 10 minute intervals. The third dish was deep fried pidgeon - it took so long we decided they had to set a trap for it and wait till they caught one!!!! However it was very nice.

That was the end of a very long day.

This morning we went off to the electronics plaza - floor after floor of everything you could ever want if you were into building computers etc. lots of toys too - drones seem to be the thing at present. Then it was back to the hotel to unload our purchases and walk back across to the Commercial Centre to organise a dress or two at the tailors and Tony found some walkie talkies for a bargain price.

Back to play on the trains and make our way to Hong Kong which took the better part of 3 hours. The train

system is brilliant and they run from every platform every 3 - 4 minutes. It's just a long convoluted proceedure to do the trip we did.

Settled into the hotel and put our feet up for half an hour and then off out again - caught a tram right outside the hotel and went to Kennedy Town for Pizza

which was really nice. We walked back to the hotel and I'm now ready for a nice cup of tea.

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