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Waterfront, Tauranga

Bomb competition, Tauranga waterfront

Historic Village Tauranga

Cinema, Historic village

McClaren Falls Park

McClaren Falls

White Island, seen from Whakatane

View from lookout halfway up Te Aroha


Summit of Te Aroha - 952m

I've spent the last few weekends getting to know the city where i'm living a little better and I love it!

There is so much to do in and around Tauranga, although locals will tell you there isn't. I could easily spend another month without leaving the bay of plenty and still find lots to do.

As the photos show, I have taken a few lovely walks. Firstly around McClaren falls park and lake, which is stunning now the autumn colours are out. And to say it is autumn, I was soaking up the sunshine by the lake in a t-shirt! Yesterday I walked to the summit of Te Aroha.......well walked/climbed. It is a tough, steep hike over a 4.5 hours but it was a fun woodland walk. Unfortunately the cloud had gathered at the top so the view was obscured but got a flavour of it from the lookout halfway down.

I've also volunteered at a couple of events to do with the local street art festival. The first of which was a street food event with live music and a ceremony to open the tidal stairs down into the harbour. It was another baking day and all I had to do was sit around in the sunshine, handing out information and freebies and listening to the music. Was a nice way to meet some of the locals too.

The second event was a street art film festival at "The Historic Village" just near where i'm living. The cinema there only has about 100 seats and the village itself is a cute old fashioned mix of craft shops and a live music venue and tea rooms etc. Very unique!

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