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Death Valley sand flats

Death Valley coffee break

Left Pahrump,NV early before breakfast to try and beat the heat in our ride across Death Valley. A few minor incorrect turns here and there as our GPS is having a mind of its own, but we did find our way out of NV into CA. We stopped to make some coffee as, surprise!... no Starbucks in Death Valley....or any bucks for that matter. We had thought parts of Utah were pretty uninhabited but Death Valley wins that prize. Having said that, the terrain was fascinating... mountains, sand dunes and salt flats, certainly one of our favorite ride days. Another picnic lunch worked out well as not many restaurant options on what appears to be a lunar environment. Ended up at the Kernville Inn on Lake Isabella and dined Italian across the street. Enjoyed conversation at dinner with a 70 year old California fellow who was here re-living previous visits.

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