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Clown Fish

Green Turtle


Quicksilver in the reef area

A trip to Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver. Quicksilver have a number of boats for various trips and ours was a catamaran.

Agincourt Reef is on the outer reef on the edge of the continental shelf, and Quicksilver have their own platform out there, with diving stations, underwater observatory, mini-submarine, and helo pad.

We were picked up by coach and taken to the port (only 5 mins from our hotel). We boarded the Quicksilver VI for our 1.5 hour trip to the reef. Weather was a bit overcast and drizzly when we set off, and sea sickness pills were handed out onboard to all that wanted them.

Once we reached the reef, many headed off to go snorkeling. We had slightly different priorities, and went to lunch :-).

After our lunch, we went down to the underwater observatory to observe the sealife. We learned quite a lot about what the fish were and how they helped out with the reef.

Clown Fish (Nemo) co-habit with the Sea-Anemone.

Parrot Fish - they have numerous teeth that they use to clean the algae from the coral.

Humphead Wrasse - hugh fish that grows up to 2 metres.

Royal Blue Tang (Dory)

Green Sea Turtle and many many more.

We then went on the semi-submersible for views of the coral and sealife. Very interesting and fascinating trip.

We then had a couple of drinks in the sun, which had now appeared, before taking to the skies for an aerial view of the reef in a helicopter. It was supposed to be for 10 mins, but another helo was on the landing pad, so we had to stay up for quite a bit longer :-).

We then headed back to port, and as it was a bit rougher, a number of people were sick. We enjoyed it! Got dropped off at the apartment, before we headed out to Paddy's Bar for dinner. We then picked up Ice Cream on the way back.

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