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The house at Taliesin from the front

An odd - like a lot of Wright's designs - windmill

Inside the architectural school drafting room

A room inside the residence, but I couldn't tell you which one

And another...

And another...

A look across the property that goes to the top of the...

The rear of the residence

After an uneventful, and at times actually pleasant, 3½ hour drive we have set up camp just north of Madison to use it as a base for the next few days to do some more sightseeing...which seems to be what we’re good at. Or at least getting better at.

After we got set up we were getting ready to make a quick run to Camping World to get some goodies, but found a mobile RV repair guy in the park who I got to do a relatively quick, but more expensive than I expected, repair to the propane side of our water heater. At least it’s fixed now and I can move on to the next problem; which is why I ordered parts to fix our only – and thus very, very, very important – toilet.

On Thursday, my travel coordinator had a plan; a plan to visit another Frank Lloyd Wright structure, his house and architectural school called Taliesin, about an hour west of Madison. For you faithful, long-term followers, you may recall that we visited Taliesin West outside of Scottsdale, Arizona back in 2012. That facility was Wright’s “winter” location for the school and today’s site was the “summer” location and also his home. Do the math...winter in Arizona, summer in Wisconsin makes a lot of sense. Anyway…

We toured the school – the students will not be back until the end of May – and then the house; and at a mere 37,000 square feet, it is quite the house. One shocking thing we learned was that in August of 1914, the house was the scene of the murder of 7 people. A cook, for a still unknown motive, killed Wright’s mistress and her 2 children with a hatchet, then lit the house on fire and killed 4 workers as they escaped the fire. While we were touring the property in this beautiful part of rural Wisconsin, it’s hard to believe this occurred in this idyllic setting.

I could go on about what we learned on our tour, but as usual there are better sources such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taliesin_(studio) to get your details...I’m prone to making things up just for the fun of it.

Friday was a quick trip to the nail salon for Michele, then we took off towards Madison to do some shopping, then to get our semi-traditional Friday night pizza. Tonight’s #1 choice didn’t open till 5:00 – and we got there at 4:00 – so we went with option #2, Salvatore’s Tomato Pies and it was pretty good...not a “gotta go back before we leave here” type of good, but we were both pretty dang happy with our choices. And in case you’re wondering, we split a salad, then she chose a Chicken Florentine pie while I had the more traditional – and more tasty – Sausage.

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