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After the fog. Lollback Free Camp

Morning tea stop at Glen Innes

A carpet of leaves

1/5/2017 Armidale. Sandie's birthday.

Our first thoughts on waking this morning were of Sandie and how blessed we are. She's a wonderful daughter, wife, mother, friend and human being. A young at heart 48 year old!! Happy Birthday Sandie.

After the fog lifted, we were greeted with a cool but beautiful sunny morning as we sat outside our vans and had breakfast. The beauty of the day continued as we drove over the Great Dividing Range, with ground ferns, tree ferns, palms, sub tropical foliage, valleys with farm land and rivers running through - such a picture.

We had a cuppa at Glen Innes, where the trees had already turned beautiful reds and golds - so many different colours, and what a spectacle! We continued on to Guyra and stopped for lunch at one of our favourite Free Camps - Mother of Ducks Lagoon. It was quite brisk there, and we found a table in the sun which helped. Unfortunately, we drove away from there minus our step. We didn't realise it until we had arrived at Armidale and were setting up at the caravan park and went to use it. Bother! My fault - I was the one who packed up while Ian went to the loo. No excuse for carelessness.

After a quick cuppa, we went to the Info and booked an Armidale Guided Heritage Tour for tomorrow, then to BCF and bought another stool. I asked for a discount and was surprised when they gave us 20% off..... making it $55.99. We paid $80 for the one I left behind, so I suppose I can't complain. Back to our vans and Ian finished outside while I cooked stew for dinner - yum.

There is a solar heated pool here, but I somehow don't think I'll be using it. Anne and Ian may - they're from Tasmania!!! And they love pools.

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