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Friday 21st April 2017, Viseu to Merida

Chatted (well listened mainly) to Elliott and Dan over breakfast. A continuation of the 2 hours we heard from mainly Elliott last night after dinner. He was easy to listen to. I know you are not surprised when I tell you I set the gps to the wrong place and we actually ended up in the wrong place. Never mind we finally got to the amazing Roman ruins of Merida. I continue to be amazed at what the Romans got up to with building and how much is still around. Lots is still here which was a centre for them 2000 years ago. Tired and worn out after exploring many of the ruins we found respite in a cafe. SO relaxing to sit. Sad though to watch a man about my age go thru the bin nearby for cigarette butts. Not hard to feel very blessed. So no moaning from me ever again. The weather remains hot but we often have a cool breeze. This hotel is different to any we have stayed in so far. The room is huge as is the hotel. It is an old convent. There are Rooms, corridors, stair and staff everywhere. Guests actually wear suits???? A very posh place. Even double matching hand basins! We are only here for one night which is just as well as I did not bring my suit. So rested now, it's dinner time. Why all these kids? And streets closed off? And people out dressed as Roman soldiers. Questions we will never have the answers to. So find dinner, fight off thousands of others filling restaurants and cafes and bars and streets. We found a back room, dark, bull fighting pictures on every square inch of wall and NO English. So Chris tries French and got us some tapas and squid. Very nice. A total Spanish experience. After that Diana's temple (not really but the name stuck) and then home. But these kids are still out rampaging - at 9:30. Well that's what our watches say but the phone says 10:30. Looks like we have crossed a time zone without knowing it. Not so bad now but we have a tour booked in a few days so better get up to speed. Best done with sleep. Good night.

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