Tour de Cowra 2017 travel blog

Ray parks his lovely new bike at the Rose Garden Cafe pre...

A quick break at Gooloogong after 30km

Exploring the Gooloogong park

With photos of Gooloogong lovelies of the past

Which way do we go?

Couldn't resist a play in the usual playground before leaving our rest...

Love the old ex-butcher shops in this area of NSW

The Canowindra cafe was an ex butcher shop too

Great tiles on the walls

During coffee/lunch break at Canowindra at the Deli Lama cafe

A view down part of Canowindra main street

From the top of one of the many climbs on the way...

Robyn looking very glamorous in the latest in hospital fashion

At the end of our long ride we were so tempted to...

Sunset over the dam at the back of the house

Of course I would buy this wine!

Profile of today's ride. All the hard work was in the last...

Morning routine. Don't forget, socks, shoes and chamois cream!

Headed out in 2 groups today.

Gaylene, Geoff, Ray, David, Simone, Goran and I went first on the longer route. Bucket from

Bike North joined us again.

Jim stayed back to see what's happening to Robyn

The Sandy, Ian and Leanne went on a shorter ride.

Beautiful weather.

Rode to Gooloogong at a reasonable pace. Stopped for a break.

After the break we rode in a rolling pace line until hitting a busy road.

Stopped in Canowindra for coffee and food. I had a yummy cheese cake that was GF.

Gaylene, Simone and Ray then took the medium distance route back to Cowra making 116 km back to the house. Ray was heading to Young for the evening to visit relatives.

Geoff, David, Goran and I decided to continue on alone on the longer route making 138km back to the house.

This route had LOTS of climbing and we were all pretty well over it by the time we arrived back in Cowra.

We returned via the hospital and called in to visit Robyn. Who was still waiting to determine where she was going to have her arm operated on. But she was in good spirits. So tough for her to see us in our cycling gear and she can't ride....yet!

Back at the house I did the usual bike cleaning and was joined by others. Meanwhile Ian had fun with his drone.

Pre-dinner drinks and nibbles were much appreciated today!

Dinner: BBQ steak , chicken sausages , baked potatoes and a huge salad. Plenty of red wine.

Homemade brownies for dessert. And chocolate Easter eggs.

Bad news for the day was Ray had an accident on the way to Young. Car not drivable but all involved were ok.

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