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Yesterday we finally got to see the elephants. It was a hassle to get there but it was worth it. We could have done the tour for 220RM/person, instead, we figured out how to get there and payed for everything around 210RM/2 people.

Let me tell you how we got there.

From China town where we are we got to Hang Tuah station by foot,which took us about 20 minutes. From there we took the green MRL to Titiwangsa (5.80RM/person), about 40 mins long and then we walked to Perkeliling bus station which is about a 5 mins walk. Bus cost 10.50RM and it took about 2 hours to Lanchang, where we had to go. Ticket shows Mentakab but it stops in Lanchang. From there taxi took to the sanctuary. Well,it isn't a taxi really, it is someone's private car but they came out and took us to the sanctuary for 60RM/return! The reason for the exclamation mark is cos here in Asia, there is no return tickets. No matter if you buy bus or train or any other tickets, they are all one way tickets. But he asked for! 𯘁 There was no entry fee to the sanctuary,they basically 'live' on donations We bought the bus ticket back to KL in a little building says HOTLINK from where the car took us.

As soon as we entered, we had a show which was the 'feed the elephants' show. They explained us about the elephants and then we could feed them. They are very kind and big. Their skin is very tough but there nose was very slimey,probably after chewing lots of fruits 𯘁We then watched the baby elephants, could take some nice photos,had a walk and we headed back to KL. The bus took forever as it was rush hour. The evening we basically spent with booking flight ticket to Indonesia. We had to try so many options but finally we got it via Lion Air. It cost £54/person to Jambi,which is in the middle of Sumatra. As we had to stay one more night,today we wanted to save money and we stayed in the hostel the whole day. I coloured my hair, read a newspaper, watched movies. Tomorrow we will be in a new country by about 2.30pm Indonesian time. Can't wait 𯘊

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